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GreenSwiift provides offshore and Procurement oil tools for the Oil & Gas Industry.

Marine Logistics

With increasing rate of piracy attacks on off-shore locations within the Gulf of Guinea, protecting and safety of crews has become a necessity in the shipping industry today. We make it a top priority in our business and service delivery to provide crews with safety precautions and measures that have ballistic capabilities. With our FSIV that are built as FIt-for-Purpose with ballistic capabilities.

We offer a ‘one stop’ global maritime security service that meets the increasing security and maritime needs of the shipping industry today. We provide vessel management and Consultancy services for IOC’s (International Oil Companies). Jobs are solicited through bids and direct marketing. Geographically, the company offers its services throughout Nigerian waters cutting across the entire West African coast and beyond… Providing modern crafts that are well managed using our Safety Management Systems (SMS) and Plan Maintenance Systems (PMS) in conjunction with the ISM Code for vessels such as FSIV.